Do you want to learn more about Erasmus + Programme? 


From Monday, 15th of April, there is a training course under the flag of Erasmus + taking place in Struga, Macedonia. Topic of the project is „No Hate Speech: Methods and Techniques Combating Hate Speech”. Participants from 13 countries (Portugal, Macedonia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Romania) are discussing the roots of prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination, social exclusion and the role of media in creating people’s opinion. They are trying to come to the solution, how in today’s world we can fight with hate speech and its consequences.


There will be an open Erasmus + session for everyone who wants to get to know about the Programme in general, what exactly is this, what are the main pillars, as well as the opportunities that it gives. You can join in the Hotel Solferino, Red cross of the city of Skopje in Struga, at 11:30 the doors will be open for everybody eager to gain knowledge and start the adventure with Erasmus +.


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