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Training and exchanges


Forum theatre is a type of theatre created by the innovative and influential practitioner Augusto Boal as part of what he calls his “Theatre of the Oppressed.” While practicing earlier in his career, Boal would apply ‘simultaneous dramaturgy’. In this process the actors or audience members could stop a performance, often a short scene in […]

Improve Social and Life Skills of Young People

From 10 to 19 April 2012 Volunteers Centre Skopje hosted international training course Improve Social and Life Skills of Young People that provided participants coming from 12 countries (Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia) and 3 different regions an opportunity to meet and together work on improving various skills […]

A Different Winter Holiday by Marija Brzovska

The skiing began hesitantly, but after the first few moves confidence and trust was built among all participants. Thirty two young people from ten European countries, started working together quickly on defining the concept of conflict. We discussed about the conflicts we face in our life and work, and then tried to determine their positive […]

TC “Mentorevolution”, 14-25 February 2012, Moroeni, Romania

Volunteer Centre Skopje was a partner on international training course in a place near Bucharest, Romania. Three representatives from VCS were present on the training course, with main subject on “How to make better understanding of the position Mentor and how to train better mentors for the needs of the organizations”. More than 30 young […]

Unite unite Europe

The training course Unite unite Europe was about discovering the European citizenship and the benefits from it. We had a chance among other activities to make a short research and get in touch with local communities and to speak with them about the main topic. It was really interesting to hear different opinions and points […]

When informal surpasses formal: Turkish experience

Luckily, we got our way through the airports , and to city Adana where the coordinator  of the project should have waited for us in order to take us to the terminal destination.  While we  were waiting, covered with “we aren’t from here “ facial expressions  that showed us up (as the coordinator mentioned later […]

“What do we want to do? What we haven’t done it yet?“

This text is inspirited by one international training course that I was participating in. Three countries, three cultures from Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary from 18 to 24 of November, with their warm clothes met together in Subotica, Serbia to increase their knowledge and skills about Youth in Action Programme. “What do we want to do? […]

From diversity to diverse team by Elena Petrevska

The main goal of the training was to contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth by increasing capacities of organizations and their youth workers to prevent youth unemployment through career information and guidance. However, the training was not only about working hard, finishing the sessions, and going to sleep. It was not […]


However, now the question is HOW we connected that much for only 6 days? Through energizers, games, workshops, coffee breaks, birthday celebrations, yoga, meditation, sauna, theatre, singing, dancing, lunch preparation, swimming, or basically through CREATIVE activities, we really did connect! The “magic” that appeared among us was discontinuously widening. However, if it wasn’t for the […]

TC AdventureShip: Final Booklet

Training course Adventureship organized by Volunteers Centre Skopje took place in April 2011 and gathered participants coming from more  than 20 countries. The participants had an opportunity to take part in activities based on adventure education as to improve their team work skills. Moreover, they also used the chance to learn more about all involved […]

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