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Training and exchanges

Training Course “Intercultural Approach in Conflict management”

After getting to know each other during the first day, the participants and trainers got down to business. During the following 5 days, the young Europeans were learning different approaches to analyzing the nature of conflicts, identifying their components, presenting them, and finally—finding solutions. As usual, the closing day of the training was used for […]

EVS in VCS: Marine

Description of the project:VOICES magazine, SOS village, Roma center. Impressions of EVS:According to me voluntarism is very important, it is an opportunity for the youth. It is a mean to be citizen , to be involved and acting for the society. That’s why after being volunteer for two years in France I decided to become […]

EVS in VCS: Laura

Description of the project:My main project is to design and write articles for the magazine called ‘Voices’. I also work with children in SOS Village and in a Roma center. As for now I think that EVS has a lot to offer; there are a lot of possibilities to make your project successful and show […]

EVS in VCS: Ula

Description of the Project: The main work in my project is to work with VOICES magazine, which is for all youth in Skopje. However we work too in S.O.S. Village, Daily Center, and of course we have chance to realized our own projects! Impressions of EVS: It’s like in Vlatko Stefanoski’s song: “Skopje ima mikroklimat…”After […]

Training Course “Fast Forward” in Slovenia

The training course “Fast Forward” took place in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. For 19 participants from 5 different countries (Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Romania and Serbia) the training was an opportunity to get to know new people, new knowledge and skills. The main aim of the training was to improve the creative skills of writing project, to […]

EVS in VCS: Emma

Description of the Project: Hi, my name is Emma. I am 22 years old and come from Sweden. In Sweden, I worked a lot with a sober organization so when they called me and asked me:”Emma, do you want to go to Macedonia to be a volunteer?” I just said: “Yes, off course!” Now, I […]

Let’s take a look: EVS in France by Ludivine Egounleti

Each Year in France, between 800 and 1000 volunteers leave or come to France to do EVS.  Exchanges are made with ‘partners’ countries’ and ‘on-program countries’. This year, 462 French volunteers have been sent abroad, and 305 European volunteers have been hosted in France  for long term EVS, and 142 French went abroad, as 90 […]

Let’s take a look: EVS in France by Ludivine Egounleti

The cooperation’s request from ‘partners’ countries’ is becoming steady, as the projects’ requests for ‘on program countries’ are increasing. The annual budget became twice as big in ten years, and reached 36 million euro in 2006, so France has 8 million euro per year to spend for EVS projects. This amount has to be followed, […]

“New media” training course in Ključ by Darko Ristovski

The training course is going to impart the knowledge of technical basics in the following ranges film, internet presence and digital graphic design. There was creating a campaign to diffuse these methods, and we, like participants, we were able to put our knowledge in this actions. We were interested to learn the technical skills how […]

Breaking the secret society: EVS in Finland by Maria Kokkonen

Even if the general opinion is not so kind for voluntary work, there are young people in Finland who have an interest in doing volunteer work abroad. This year about forty youngsters left Finland and started to do their EVS volunteer work in another country. Most of those people had heard about EVS from their […]

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