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Training and exchanges

Better Possibilities from Fewer Opportunities

Volunteers Centre Skopje currently took part in study visit ‘Better Possibilities from Fewer Opportunities’ organized by Foundation for Social Welfare Services in Malta. The study visit implemented with support of Youth in Action Programme connected participants from Macedonia, Malta, Turkey, Italy and Armenia and gave them an opportunity to explore work and activities of various […]

This is not the end, this is just the beginning by Ramona Sanigová

I will never forget how it all started. I decided to come through Albania and I have to say it was a good decision because after that experience nothing could ever surprise me anymore. I took a minivan and everything looked normal until the moment when my friend left me inside alone. There were too […]

The after EVS experience by Sanne Keule

I’m happy I got this chance, cause after all the excitement of being in Macedonia for eight months it would be a hard tide to just get back home not knowing exactly what to do next. For me it feels like I’m sort of postponing the actual coming back this way. In fact the only […]

Woman for the planet

The goal of this training course was to gather 30 participants from 13 different countries and to educate them informally with knowledge and skills to work in the field of gender imbalance in the society and in the workplace. We learn how to act in community as a leader, how to communicate with other people […]

Call for participant for Training Course in Ukraine “Open the Flower”

The participant of this Training Course should:  be aged 21 or over (no upper age limit),  be able to communicate in English,  have some previous experience in direct work with young people aged 13 – 19  have possibility to work with group of young people after TC  be interested in […]

Video Insight from Change Laboratory: Second Floor

In March 2013 Volunteers Centre Skopje implemented with support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union training course “Change Laboratory: Second Floor” that provided the participants an opportunity explore social entrepreneurship and develop new business ideas… And this video is providing insight in the training course and its activities… Enjoy it…

Youth Unemployment: Working on Work

In June 2012 Volunteers Centre Skopje implemented with support of Youth in Action Programme partnership building activity – “PBA: Better Cooperation: Better Europe” which provided participants coming from all around Europe and opportunity to build new partnerships and develop ideas for future projects. And we are more than glad that one of the ideas born […]

Woman for Planet

Volunteers Centre Skopje is glad to announce that will take part in training course “Woman for Planet” organized by Epeka Slovenia in June 2013 in Maribor – European Capital of Youth 2013. The main goal of the project is to informally educate the participants and provide them with necessary skills and knowledge on the field […]

“I can create my own project now, BY MYSELF”

The activities started with team-building activities where we had to learn more about the interesting local facts of the town of Judaberg. After, we took part in brainstorming about characteristics of a good leader, intercultural learning activities and a game called Dignityland, where we needed to make a sustainable social policy for our imaginary society […]

Business startups are not impossible

The training course about learning to design social entrepreneurship ventures named “Change Laboratory: Second Floor” gathered more than thirty people from fourteen countries and took place in the beautiful city of Struga. These people were more than curious to know the way how can you match the two different ideas of profit and contribution. I, […]

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