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Training and exchanges

We all are made of Stories

From the secrets of public speech to writing stories, training course gives opportunity for gaining knowledge through working with professionals, wonderful thing that has а great advantage. Despite personal building of ourselves, all participants will try to share the gained experience with other people in their countries. Especially interesting was the second day of the […]

Training Course “Make a difference for new generation”

The opportunity to meet new people and a lot of original ideas from the participating countries was great thing! We also had the chance to get to know the local reality, mostly focused on the human rights and children rights. We could all agree that we improved our team work skills and also the knowledge about […]

With Knowledge Against Sexual Health Taboos

Reflection from Kristina:It is really wonderful how sometimes, when we least expect it, we get so much more than we bargained for out of some situation! When, for example, we are expecting to get a ‘seven’ at some exam, and you get an ‘eight’, or when you meet a new person, and end up being […]

TC NFE: Let the Young People Learn by Ivana Peykovska

This time we are all here in Struga to learn and share information and skills connected with alternative ways for education. The beginning is to get to know each other, to make a team or a family that is able to cooperate and work together. We must adjust to the environment we ourselves provide to […]

NFE rocks!

So now we know each other but what is the non-formal education? Through different activities and discussions I think we got the point, we shared our experience with this type of education through our lifetime and we wrote down 15 advices how to make a good NFE. The participants got excited about whole the idea […]

European Citizenship as a Way to Foster Social Cohesion and European Integration

During the training- energizers, sessions, team work, hanging out- I gained knowledge in life that you cannot learn from books. Rather, you read living books. We had ten of them on our training library and me, Sanja and Filip were chapters in the Macedonian one, merging with the Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Turkish, Estonian, German, […]

My first radio experience

We had 20 minutes review and speech on the radio; together with my friend and coordinator Gjoko Vukanovski about the program of the European Commission called “ERASMUS +”,  which contains almost the same actions and activities from the last program for young people, called Youth In Action. This Erasmus + contains 7 different subparts containing […]

Training course PEACE ON YOU-Busteni, Romania

After the accommodation and the intro with the program and the opportunities of the EU commission we jump on effective work. The trainers and the participants, both were very pleased that despite of the diversity of different mentalities and culture the group grew into very homogeneous and highly motivated unit that fulfilled the tasks and […]

EVS in VCS: Sonia Barge

I am also interested in the other activities of the center because it is the best way to discover Macedonian culture and lots of amazing people. Most of French people don’t know well the Republic of Macedonia. They only know that a country has the same name than a recipe of French salad… But for […]

Plane has landed but the new adventure has just began

Already from the plane I saw an extraordinary view comparing to region I’ve been living for one year till now. Green meadows, straight streets and huge, flat space covered with woods, villages and fields everywhere! Not even a single hill visible, forget even having thought about a mountain! But green and clean. And still not […]

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