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EVS in VCS: Marko

Hello! My name is Marko and I am coming from one beautiful region in Slovenia, called Bela Krajina. I was few times before in Macedonia and that is the main reason why I came here. I just love this country and these people…and I have a lot of friends here. I have learned a lot […]

EVS in VCS: Monika

I have been asked to write few sentences about me. As easy as it might seems, this is a rather difficult task for me. I am not my name (Monika), nationality (Slovak) or age (erhm, no comments). Instead to tell you more about me, I´ll tell you what I like. I like the smell of […]

EVS in VCS: Michal

My name is Michal Krizan. I come from Slovakia and I decided to do my EVS because after university studies it is good to attend an internship abroad because it can give you many new skills. I have chosen Volunteers Centre Skopje for my EVS because I found their project called VOICES magazine very interesting […]

Intern in VCS

For some reason I liked the Macedonia most of all Balkan countries. It was love from the first sight!I dreamed about to come here for longer. And here I am! I managed to win the competition for an internship at the university. Sanja helped me and I enter the gates of the VCS. I came […]

EVS in VCS: Paul

  I liked it and applied for at least two main reasons. First of all, it’s an opportunity for me to learn about how we run and design a magazine because I didn’t have the chance to do that before. Then, it offers me the opportunity to improve my writing skills and thinking about what […]

My first radio experience

We had 20 minutes review and speech on the radio; together with my friend and coordinator Gjoko Vukanovski about the program of the European Commission called “ERASMUS +”,  which contains almost the same actions and activities from the last program for young people, called Youth In Action. This Erasmus + contains 7 different subparts containing […]

EVS in VCS: Sonia Barge

I am also interested in the other activities of the center because it is the best way to discover Macedonian culture and lots of amazing people. Most of French people don’t know well the Republic of Macedonia. They only know that a country has the same name than a recipe of French salad… But for […]

Plane has landed but the new adventure has just began

Already from the plane I saw an extraordinary view comparing to region I’ve been living for one year till now. Green meadows, straight streets and huge, flat space covered with woods, villages and fields everywhere! Not even a single hill visible, forget even having thought about a mountain! But green and clean. And still not […]

On-arrival training, why in Sarajevo?

During his EVS project each volunteer has precious possibility to participate in many different workshops and trainings. One of them is on-arrival training in which with the greatest pleasure I took part 21-26.10.2013 in Sarajevo, together with other volunteers from the Balkans. The point of on arrival training is to better understand own role in […]

EVS in VCS: Paulina

All of that because of my love to the Balkans, which I decided to try out… I lost my heart somewhere here few years ago and since then it was impossible to live in the other place.  During next 12 months I will be writing for “Voices” and also will be involved in other VCS […]

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