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EVS in VCS: Valeria Ferrante & Igor Giammanco

My name is Igor and I come from Castelvetrano, a little town close to Palermo, Sicily. I am a very curious person, I like to discover new places, new people and new ways of life: I think is the most beautiful way to grow up! I am also a dreamer: I hope the world will […]

EVS in VCS: Laurene and Juliett

We are Laurene and Juliette from south of France. We are 21 years old. We participate at VCS on EVS project in Macedonia to discover other culture and meet peoples from all over the world. Also to improve new skills, new languages and to have work experience. We think it’s really important to discover other […]

EVS in VCS: Patrick Zimmermann

My name is Patrick and I am 20 years old. I arrived on Friday evening in Skopje so today is my first working day. I am from Germany and decided to do an Evs because last year I travelled through Australia and I wanted to share my experience with other youngsters. Therefore I applied for […]

EVS in VCS: Dominik Daniel

My name is Dominik Daniel. I am nineteen years old and I come from Fulda/ Germany. In July I had finished my High school. After this I thought about my future. It was clear for me, that I want to study. But from my point of view it is important to find yourself after this […]

EVS in VCS: Tugce Tezz

Iam Tuğçe Tezdiyar from Ankara capital city of Turkey. I have 25 years. I graduated on College few months ago and I thought that I would like to be a volunteer in different country and to meet new people. Education is not only in the buildings and diplomas. So here I believe that I can […]

EVS in VCS : Antonin Vallet

  Hi everybody! I’m Antonin, 25 years old, I come from Montpellier, a city situated in the southern part of France. And then I am the new EVS  volunteer in VCS. The main reason why I decided to come is simple but great : I wanted to discover a new area, in which I was […]

EVS in VCS : Rugilė Vailionytė

Life for me is about creating yourself. Being a young adult who just finished a high school, I seek to challenge myself in various activities and look forward to learn something new. Nowadays, volunteering is one of the best opportunities for a young person to see the world, gain experience and try unexplored things. Working […]

EVS in VCS: Quentin

Hi everyone,My name is Quentin but no one can pronounce it so I already have a surname here. I come from a little place in north west of France, near to the sea and I’m here in Skopje during one year for my EVS project.  I like traveling, playing or listening music, watching movies and […]

EVS in VCS: Michaela Kawanova

Hello, my name is Michaela and I come from Opava, a beautiful small town in Czech republic. I studied Faculty of Economics at the University in Czech republic. I like traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. There were many influences that went into my decision to select the project in Macedonia. I have […]

EVS in VCS: Tereza Lishkova

I love also Balkan and actually have been in Macedonia just one day a few years ago, so not so long time ago, and that’s why I choose Macedonia for living. I like traveling especially hitchhiking because it makes feel me free and I would like discover all the Balkan by that. I like also […]

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