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EVS in VCS: Tomas

Description of the Project: The main project I‘m in is Voices, magazine for all young people in Skopje. I think I‘ll be responsible for writing and editing. Another project, which was a bit of a pleasurable surprise to me, was workshops with children in SOS children village and daily center. I hope it will make […]

Volunteer in VCS: Carsten

Description of Project: I’m working in a private Kindergarten, the British Children’s Academy (short BCA), near to Univerzalna Sala and the Catholic Church of Skopje. I am not an EVS volunteer but I’m doing my civil service here. My work contains watching, guarding, helping and playing with the kids. I’m full time there for the […]

EVS in VCS: Sonia

Description of the Project: I am also working in VOICES magazine project. EVS impressions: I want to do something which give me pleasure. With EVS I can know new cultures, new languages and new friends and give part of me of others. I am running of “normal life”. Skopje is dark, dust and polluted. People […]

EVS in VCS: Guillermo

Description of the Project: II’m working in “VOICES”. It’s a magazine for the young people of Skopje, and the articles are in Macedonian, Albanian and English. We write about interesting and present topics, social topics, places to be, travels, sex, volunteering… EVS impressions: Skopje – a nice place for spending and enjoying my EVS time! […]

EVS in VCS: Margot

Description of the project: I am volunteering in VCS since last January but officially EVS only since the end of April. I contribute to Voices Magazine (writing articles, design, spreading the magazine in cafés all over Skopje …). I also participate in our project with a daily centre for Roma children in Kisela Voda.   EVS […]

EVS in VCS: Arnhildur

Description of the Project: I will work for VOICES magazine. EVS impressions: I´m here doing my EVS in Macedonia because I want to experience life in another country, learn Makedonski, become more intuative and see myself, my life and my country from another point of view. Slowly but steadily I´m recovering from my cultureschock and […]

EVS in VCS: Juli

Description of the project: I’m collaborating in VOICES. It’s a youth magazine in English, Macedonian and Albanian. I’m writing articles and taking photos. I would also like to develop different personals projects. EVS impressions: To be a volunteer is really great because you have the opportunity to develop some project in another country, collaborate in […]

EVS in VCS: Ana

Description of the project: My project is Voices (youth magazine in Macedonian, Albanian and English) but I also found myself in doing some other stuff for organisation such as administrating the web page, looking for sponsors, logistic help, translating … EVS impressions: It is important that you realize that EVS is in fact a philosophy, […]

EVS in VCS: Maria

Description of the project: My project is working for the newspaper “Voices”, but I’m also involved in project is in Sutka EVS impressions: Macedonia is a crazy country but for me not really strange because it is very similar to Romania where I lived one year. I am searching for contacts with Roma people and […]

EVS in VCS: Ilona

Desription of the project: I am working in project called VOICES magazine. I am writing articles and trying to design of magazine. Also, just now, I am thinking about my personal project. It should be workshop about mass media. EVS impressions: Why did I choose EVS? Why did I decide to go to Macedonia? I have no […]

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