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Astanga vinyasa yoga in Kisela Voda

“Do you want to warm up your body, make it stronger and full of energy? Find your inner harmony and balance? Or simply just try something new? Come to our classes of astanga vinyasa yoga, a vigorous yoga exercise. The workshop is leading by Sylwia Gorska, EVS volunteer in Volunteers Centre Skopje. The only thing […]

EVS in VCS: Sara

Why I wanted to become an EVS: The reason of been an EVS this year is because I didn’t want to start the university yet. I wanted to take a gap year to think and to do a different thing of what I was used to. I thought that doing EVS was a good opportunity […]


From the 5 to the 10 of September, we went, together with Manu, Kuba and Krysiek (volunteers from Struga), Miguel and Anita (volunteers from Bitola), to the on-arrival training in Sarajevo. We left Skopje at 8pm and after only 15 hours by bus we arrived to Bosnia, cool as cucumbers… During the training we had […]

EVS through camera of Zbigniew Drzewiecki

Zbigniew Drzewiecki came as EVS volunteer to Volunteers Centre Skopje in October 2010. As photographer and journalist he took the chance to caught the moments from his EVS life and with support of Volunteers Centre Skopje he created a web page that provides everybody a chance to take a tour around all Balkan and even […]

EVS in VCS: Anouk

Description of the project: I am writing for a magazine for young people that is called VOICES. The monthly issue of the magazine is published in 3 languages; English, Macedonian and Albanian. The EVS volunteers work together with the local volunteers. Each edition has one main topic, the other articles concern EVS, what is happening in […]

EVS in VCS: Antonella

Description of the project: Здраво на сите! I came here from Sardinia (Italy) to work in the “Voices magazine”. I’m really happy to be involved in this project because it’s a great opportunity to see from the inside how editorial staffs works to create a magazine. I also have the possibility to work with the […]

EVS in VCS: Sylwia

Description of the Project: My main project is to be involved in the work of VOICES magazine, mainly by writing articles. I would like to concentrate on a cultural life of Skopje and general Macedonia and other Balkan countries. Since I studied Tourism Management in my home country, I would also like to travel around […]

EVS in VCS: Koen

Description of the Project: During my European Voluntary Service I shall write for VOICES; the monthly magazine published by the Volunteer Centre for young people in Skopje. My aim is to write articles about cultural events in and around the city, highlighting music festivals, concerts and the like. Since I have been working as an […]

Plastic Fantastic by Anouk Craps

On Sunday 21st of May a group of EVS-volunteers from 3 different countries gathered together to show the local people of Skopje why it is important not to throw garbage on the street and to show how they can use plastic in a very creative way. The volunteers made some interesting clothes and instruments, presenting […]

The Power of Theatre: Short EVS Project Faces without Masks 2010

Short EVS Project Faces without Masks  that was hosted by Volunteers Centre Skopje last year was nominated in category Innovative Society as one of the best volunteer project realized in 2010. During this project short term EVS volunteers were directly involved in organizing theatre festival and they had an opportunity to work with the actors […]