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Plastic Fantastic by Anouk Craps

On Sunday 21st of May a group of EVS-volunteers from 3 different countries gathered together to show the local people of Skopje why it is important not to throw garbage on the street and to show how they can use plastic in a very creative way. The volunteers made some interesting clothes and instruments, presenting […]

The Power of Theatre: Short EVS Project Faces without Masks 2010

Short EVS Project Faces without Masks  that was hosted by Volunteers Centre Skopje last year was nominated in category Innovative Society as one of the best volunteer project realized in 2010. During this project short term EVS volunteers were directly involved in organizing theatre festival and they had an opportunity to work with the actors […]

Faces Without Masks 2011: Short – Term EVS in Skopje

Faces Without Masks is name of short term EVS project that brought group of young people coming from Estonia, France and Portugal to Macedonia and provide them an opportunity to take part and to help with organization of international theatre festival Faces Without Masks. Moreover short term EVS volunteers have also an opportunity to take […]

EVS in VCS: Blandine

Description of the Project: My main project is to write for Voices. It’s interesting in many ways because writing for a magazine means to learn about new topics, to meet new people, to discover new places in Skopje and Macedonia… Aside from that I’m working once a week in a francophone kindergarten, and with some […]

EVS in VCS:Elise

Description of the Project: My main project is to work in a daily center for Roma children in Shutka 2 a week. Beside it I try to reach other organisations in order to work with them and breing some ideas, to work with roma women, organize cultural events etc… For the moment I still build […]

EVS in VCS: Sophie

Description of the project: My main project is like the other volunteers to work on the VOICES magazine. Aside from that, I’m working with children in the Roma daily center of Avtokomanda, SOS Children Village and Francophone Kindergarden. I also have time for personal projects, participation to workshop and trainings, etc. Impressions of EVS: It’s […]

EVS in VCS: Miguel

Description of the project: For me, coming to Macedonia and VCS Organization was a real surprise, as I didn’t know much about Macedonia and specially my new home, Skopje. So far, it has been a really good experience. I am working in the “Voices Magazine” as a journalist and an aspirant designer, and I’m loving […]

EVS in VCS: Karolina

Description of the project: My main work is writing an articles for Voices magazine. I also try to help with work with children in Daily Center for Roma children in Shutka..and there still a lot of free time to work with my own project. Impressions of EVS: EVS is a great opportunity to get experience […]

EVS in VCS: Mirella

Description of the project: I came to Macedonia from Poland, first time before 4 years and I can say that if you come to Macedonia once, you will come back again and again. This time I am here to volunteering in VCS from April 2010 till Mart 2011- my main project is “Voices Magazine”, but […]

Let’s take a look: EVS in the Netherlands by Laura Kroes

Volunteering is a well known activity in the Netherlands and many (young) people do so, either toget more work experience in their field, to help other people or to gain new skills and experiences.But when it comes to EVS, it’s another story. Partly that depends on the fact that EVS is unknownand besides that it […]

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