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8 yards on four punts, including a 64 yard kick

We knew we had a really tough stretch to open the Big Ten. So we were going to have to be great by the time we got to the Big Ten. And then the goal was to keep improving point by point so that by the time we got to the NCAA tournament, we would […]

Replica Handbags Breather Episode: Those happen from time to

Bloodier and Gorier: The earlier trailers were shown like this, in that all the minions of the demi gods had regular blood come out of them instead of orange blood and Asura was also shown being much more brutal towards enemies. Lonely Rich Kid: Arthur http://www.desystems.com/sons-encouraging-fathers-and-mothers/, in spades. Played straight Shanna is thrown from Replica […]

A series of Replica Stella McCartney bags Lenscrafters

When Maduro enters Globovisi with a machine gun and ends the channel once and for all he takes on the name of McDuro (McTough). You Can’t Fight Fate: Despite the prophecy detailing Makuta’s defeat at the hands of the Toa, he still tries to win, and predictably, fails. Through her thorough investigation, Twilight finds Replica […]

Milder examples are Cersei Lannister

Often a consequence of No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup. Milder examples are Cersei Lannister, a selfish narcissist, Lord Baelish, a manipulative sociopath, and Theon Greyjoy after his torture by the hand of Ramsay. Scenery Porn: Just look at the way Jim Lee draws Gotham City. You stink. He still carries a big axe and […]

Fan Disservice: Arsey Whinger shirtless

Wilkes not only systematically takes them apart, using traps, positioning and tactics, but hangs a customised sign on each of them to make them look stupid. Can you be a snarker without speaking? Description Porn: Wilkes explains how to shiv someone quietly: “You come in low under his line of sight. You leap. Alto saxophonist […]

Radio – Student FM

As part of the 5th December activities, team members from Volunteers Centre Skopje were also on the radio… I hope you had a lot of fun and you were listening to us on Student FM, because we for sure had a lot of fun there!!! 🙂

Workshop: Relaxing and self-awareness exercises as tools in problem solving

Name and Surname; Age; E-mail adress; Phone/Cell number; What is your occupation; Why would you like to participate in this workshop; Describe yourself with 3 sentences; Have you ever visited a psychologist or psychotherapist; In which way you deal with your everyday problems; What is it that you would like to learn at this workshop […]

Chinese Workshop

Are you curious about “Far East”? Are you eager to find out more about their culture? Do you want to learn something about Chinese Language and culture? This is perfect chance for that. Volunteers Center Skopje has a pleasure to invite you for the “Chinese workshop” which will be held on 11th December 2012, from 17:00 […]

Visiting the Social Work and Social Policy students on university

Adapting to the audience (social work students), special attention was devoted to the activities with children from the street, and seemingly attention has been drawn very well. Ten of the visited 3rd year students showed a desire to participate in workshops with the children and will be taken into account for the future. Spreading the […]

It’s better to visit places which you’d be less likely to walk

Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Still hasn’t been mentioned on camera to this day, leading to a joke between fans that he never existed. (Chris Benwho?) Curse: Some like to point out the fact that in one storyline in one of the Smackdown Vs. Raw games, Eddie Guerrero was involved in a storyline with The Undertaker that […]

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