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Volunteers days: WORKSHOPS FOR ALL – agenda part 2

We continue with the activities for Volunteers Days … The agenda for the following week’s activities and workshops is as follows:20 November – Tuesday 17:00 – Narrative skills (Raphael from France and Dragan from Macedonia) Locaton 18:30 – Reading Poetry and Prose (Sarah and Nacera from France with Boro from Macedonia)21 November – Wednesday 17:00 […]

No we had to give up everything our fore fathers had built up

Being ready to share power with all the people, was unacceptable to the world. No we had to give up everything our fore fathers had built up because the world said so, even the ambitions of Rhodes quickly forgotten by Britain. So we fought a war on our borders against an enemy backed by other […]

Agenda for Volunteers Days “Workshops for ALL”

This week’s agenda of activities is as follows: 12.11 – Monday– 19:00 – EVS chess competition (Robin EVS from France) 13.11 – Tuesday– 17:00 – French conversation (Nacera EVS from France) 14.11 – Wednesday– 17:30 – Creative Writing (Dragan, going for EVS in Estonia)– 19:00 – Spanish workshop (Rami EVS from Czech Republic) 15.11 – […]

YE: Break the bricks! Youth for solidarity and respect in a common Europe

Intense dealing with the reasons, mechanisms and results of poverty and marginalization as xenophobia and racism tensions, as well as thinking and acting as responsible European citizen against these tendencies will help to overcome discrimination and exclusion sustainably. The planned activities were encouraging young people’s awareness and commitment to tackle these issues for a more […]

Series Continuity Error: Romana states her age as 125

Dead. In Daily Life with Monster Girl, the final episode adds Lala to the final shot of the harem cuddling Kimihito in bed. And yes, the whole thing is unashamedly inspired by Casablanca. Also Alex and especially Damien. Come to fight a wall with an engraved face, not to mention the Zeitgeist, which is basically […]

Youth in Action Project Management Workshops

What: The workshops will provide practical insight to the Youth in Action Programme (YiA) including establishing good working partnership, preparing application for youth exchange and training course, creating timetable of activities and budget.   Detailed ProgramSaturday 17. November Overview of YiAProject Cycle under YiAGood Working Partnership –  PART 3Priorities and Objectives of YiA Saturday 24. […]

“Sometimes twice a Hermes Replica Handbags night

Then the others walk in and start to call the cops on Dino. In some instances, the original story will end up as one small part of a much larger, more convoluted story. Incendiary Exponent: Steerpike seems to do a lot of important things while on fire as does Muzzlehatch. So he did join the […]

Volunteers Days “Workshops for ALL”

where many of them will be led by our EVS volunteers from Czech Republic, France, Poland, Netherlands and Latvia. (If you do not know what is EVS, we will have info meeting about it). The volunteers are not paid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. Any action which is carried out […]


Do you want to know more about Creativity? Do you want to find out more about Creative writing and the techniques for creative writing? Volunteers Centre Skopje gives you great opportunity for this. Actually, we will organize workshop about Creative Writing which will happen in two sessions on 14. November in 17.30h and 15. November […]

You remember fallingfor them

Crazy Cultural Comparison: The Ishboo sketches. Even touching the thing rots away all the flesh on one character’s hand.. You remember fallingfor them. Poor Communication Kills: Episode 3 of Gravity Front. Their spacecraft possess the ability to travel vast interstellar distances (to Earth), and also exhibit the ability to cloak their spacecraft with a sort […]

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